Georgetown ISD volunteers are shaping the future of our schools

Georgetown Education Foundation

Through the work of the Georgetown Education Foundation, educators are receiving thousands of dollars to fund their passion projects.

“I would not be where I am today if there weren’t people who recognized something in me throughout my education.”

These are the words of Jensen Young, Chair of the Board of the Georgetown Education Foundation, and the reason he got involved with the 100% volunteer organization. 

“There were many teachers and coaches that helped me along my life. I can’t put into words how it feels to be able to help today’s teachers feel appreciated.”

Jensen Young Georgetown Education Foundation For Jensen, the opportunity to provide much-needed money to Georgetown ISD teachers to fund their passion projects and enhance the educational experience for their students is his way of paying it forward. 

The Georgetown Education Foundation was founded in 2015 to tap into the generosity of the Georgetown community and give back to the educators that work tirelessly to inspire our children. The foundation fundraises year-round to provide educators with grants ranging from $250-$5,000 that take their classroom education to a new level. Teachers can apply individually or collaboratively with a group of other educators.

Some examples of grants that the foundation has already given in its transformative few years include the funding of book vending machines in a library, tools for dyslexic students to aid in reading, and a college-readiness program that takes first-generation college students on university visits around the state.

“This program helps these students walk through the entire process from application to financial aid,” Jensen said. “There have been stories of kids who have never been out of the county and now they’re going on college visits which opens a world of new opportunities to them. That program has been a huge success.”

Georgetown Education Foundation by the Numbers

  • Dollars provided in 2018-2019
Georgetown Education Foundation

Another initiative of the foundation is the annual gifting of $100 to all new teachers in the district. According to Co-Founder and Former Board Chair Greg Bowden, studies have shown that first-year teachers spend a large amount of their own money to supply their classroom, so these gifts help to ease that burden. 

“These teachers had a choice and they chose Georgetown and to love on our kids,” Greg said. “It’s our way of saying thank you without any strings attached. They can spend it on their classroom or use it to treat themselves.” 

Both Jensen and Greg have children that attend Georgetown ISD schools, so this cause is close to their hearts. While Jensen was inspired to get involved by his own teachers growing up, Greg pulled from his and his wife’s experience as school teachers themselves to make the decision to start the foundation.

“As a former educator, and the fact that my wife was a teacher too, I know firsthand the struggles and challenges that classroom teachers face,” Greg said. “It was passion on my part. I want to take care of educators and ensure that our district continues to improve and grow.”

As an entirely volunteer organization, the foundation relies on support from people like you. Community members can learn more by attending a board meeting or visiting the Georgetown Education Foundation website to learn more about how to donate and participate in events.

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