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Designing spaces that inspire

Tippit. Purl. Wagner. Hammerlun. Georgetown High. When you think of these Georgetown ISD schools and facilities, what do you picture? If you’ve visited them in the past few years, you likely picture high-tech libraries and STEM labs, flexible classrooms featuring movable walls and tables for adaptable collaboration, decked-out CTE centers, and design elements that inspire visitors of all ages. 

The school improvements were funded by bonds and are designed to be modern spaces that model student learning and prepare them for a future workforce. These spaces encourage and foster collaboration.

Taking learning outdoors

It’s not just the professionals who can design inspired spaces, however. The butterfly garden at Tippit Middle School is proof of that. With help from the Sun City Kiwanis Club and a grant from the National Wildlife Foundation, a dedicated group of Georgetown ISD teachers and students led the Garden Club in the construction of a picturesque butterfly garden.

The project is supervised by Mr. Timothy Boswell, Mrs. Robin Blankenship, and Mrs. Michelle Pickard. Last year, Mr. Boswell and Mrs. Blankenship were in charge of constructing the garden with help from the students. After dirt delivery assistance from Mr. Barrett in the maintenance department, the students were able to start designing the plant arrangement and irrigation system. Before long, the biodiversity of the area exploded with life. If you visit the butterfly garden, you’ll see birds, butterflies of all species, bumblebees, and frogs.

“The butterfly garden not only beautified our campus, but it involved the key players of our school, the students, and our community,” said Mrs. Blankenship and Mr. Boswell. “Creating such a wonderful area on our campus gave our students pride in their campus.”

The butterfly garden has evolved into an outdoor learning area with picnic tables that seat 28 students. The team has plans to continue improving the area, with benches and limestone facing.

“The students have loved being a part of beautifying our campus,” the instructors said. “They are taking pride in the fact that they are creating a legacy for years to come.”

Tippit isn’t the only campus in Georgetown ISD with a butterfly garden. Nearly every campus has some kind of outdoor learning area that transforms learning with spaces that teach students about life and sustainability. Bolstered by the district’s mission to inspire and empower every learner to lead, grow, and serve, educators are given the freedom to innovate and adapt to meet their students’ needs.

Inspired spaces

See photos of inspired spaces throughout Georgetown ISD.

Purl Elementary School

Georgetown High School

Hammerlun Center for Leadership and Learning

Tippit Middle School

Wagner Middle School

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